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Under Milkwood

Under Milk Wood

Under Milkwood programme

Under Milkwood programme


The Onlooker James Condon
Captain Cat David Goddard
1st Drowned Jolyon Bromley
2nd Drowned Alan Zitner
3rd Drowned Bill Bower
4th Drowned Gordon McDougall
5th Drowned Don Chapman
Rosie Probert Sylvia Martin
Myfanwy Price Maureen McGrath
Mog Edwards Trevor Prior
Mr Waldo John Scott
Waldo's mother Margeurite Frewin
Little Boy Waldo Ralph Ashby or Casey Greene
Waldo's wife Sarah Kirkwood
1st Neighbour Lucy Clifford
2nd Neighbour Megan McCormick
3rd Neighbour Isobelle Gidley
4th Neighbour Jennifer Orsi
5th Neighbour Delia Walsh
Gwenny Richards Sally Cahill
Gwenny's mother Megan McCormick
Rev. Eli Jenkins Bill Farley
Mrs Ogmore Pritchard Marjorie Child
Mr Ogmore Christopher Brown
Mr Pritchard John Bush
Gossamer Beynon Yvonne Adams
Sinbad Sailors Don Chapman
Organ Morgan Trevor Prior
Utah Watkins Larry Larkin
Mrs Utah Watkins Megan McCormick
Willy Nilly Gordon McDougall
Mrs Willy Nilly Isobelle Gidley
P.C. Attila Rees Greg Aitken
Lily Smalls Linda Horne
Mae Rose Cottage Delia Walsh
Ocky Milkman Keith White
Voice of guide book Christopher Brown
Cheery Owen John Scott
Mrs Cherry Owen Therese Coutis
Butcher Beynon Gordon McDougall
Mrs Butcher Beynon Lucy Clifford
Jack Black Greg Aitken
Mary Ann Sailors Margeurite Frewin
Mrs Organ Morgan Lucy Clifford
Dai Bread Alan Zitner
Mrs Dai Bread 1 Julie Redlich
Mrs Dai Bread 2 Jennifer Orsi
Polly Garter Susan Swinford
No-Good Boyo Bill Bower
Lord Cut-Glass Jolyon Bromley
Mr Pugh John Bush
Mrs Pugh Therese Kutis
Evans the Death John Scott
Bessie Bighead Julie Redlich
Child Sally Cahill
Mother of Child Sarah Kirkwood
Children of the Village Deborah Forman, Jane Heller, Victoria Isaac, Allison Paech, Ralph Ashby, Alan Cinis, Casey Greene, Michael Harrs, Ian Host, Timothy McLean, Stephen Taylor

The critics said:

March 7, 1972

Independent Theatre: Under Milk Wood

Dreamlike Quality Missing

by Norman Kessell

  Maybe time has lent enchantment, but on the whole I think I preferred Doris Fitton's original 1958 production of Dylan Thomas's Under Milk Wood to the revival which opened at the Independent Theatre on Saturday.
  This despite the admirable if a bit too ponderously conscious, articulateness of James Condon's Onlooker and, although few achieve a recognisable Welsh accent, of the large cast generally.
  For one thing, the more expansive staging this time seems to have supplanted the remembered lyrical, dreamlike quality of the piece with an obtrusive theatricality.
  Again, there is a tendency to oversell the comedy, particularly by Condon whose underlining of Thomas's humor with pauses and smirks smacks of the music hall.
  Another disappointment is the miscasting of Susan Swinford as Polly Garter, the wild, cheerfuly amoral village girl who cannot say "No" – a role for which this attractive actress' in-built sophistication makes her totally unsuited.
  Her meticulously accurate and matter-of-fact singing of Polly's song had none of the haunting sadness memory recalls.
  For all that it is a delight to hear again Dylan Thomas' magical and imaginatively poetical word-play and there are several delightful cameo performances.
Best of these is Linda Horne’s Lily Smalls as she surveys her face in her master's shaving mirror.
  Others Include Bill Parley's Rev. Eli Jenkins: John Bush and Therese Kutis m Mr. and Mrs. Pugh; Gordon McDougall's Willy Nilly the postman and also his Butcher Beynon and David Goddard's Captain Cat.
  The effectively workable all-purpose set is designed and executed by Doug Kingsman.


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