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The Old Tote began its life on the campus of the University of New South Wales and made its first major growth by moving to the Parade Theatre on the same campus in 1969. The ensuing five years have found the Old Tote at the PARADE THEATRE, at the Elizabethan, at the Independent, in Brisbane, Hobart, Canberra, Newcastle, Melbourne, Perth, Auckland, Wellington and Suva, and finally at the SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE. It is likely that locations even further afield will house the Company in the future. However, we feel that the identity of the Company is very strongly attached to the PARADE, where we have been able to create, by degrees, our own atmosphere of intimacy and friendly service to be enjoyed by our patrons as it is by the Company.

The recent addition of a fly-tower to the stage of the PARADE has been made possible by donations from supporters and well-wishers as well as careful budgeting by the Company itself. We are particularly grateful to those individuals and committees who supported the Old Tote Building Fund, and then generously allowed their donations to be put to this alternative use. The new fly-tower will not tangibly improve the comfort of our audiences, but will make the work of performers and staff infinitely easier and assist greatly in the maintenance of standards of production.

We thank our benign landlords-the University of New South Wales-who first provided the Old Tin Shed, then the Parade Theatre and who remain our sponsors wherever we may be.

We welcome again our many patrons who share the Parade Theatre with us as home.


The Old Tote Company's new Studio Theatre is a similar concept to the National Institute of Dramatic Art's Jane Street, but stages overseas instead of Australian plays

... Norman Kessell


Linda appeared in a number of productions at the Studio Theatre, a then novel approach to take theatre to the audience.  


Cop Out programme

  Cop Out programme



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