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1972 photo
This was from a series done for International Casting.
Linda - publicity details
Details on the reverse side of each photo.
Proof photos
One of the proof sheets done for International Casting

Linda-1972-Flat-small.jpg (39555 bytes)

This was taken in Linda's flat at Carabela Street.  Possibly a self-portrait.

Linda - photo 1972

I did a series of photos in 1972 with Linda's camera and with no idea what I was doing with it and one of the reasons to have them done professionally. Taken on the roof of Carabela Street.

I'm not sure what play this was taken from.  "I Remember Mama"?




Publicity photo

This photo would have come from another set of photos done for International Casting in 1973 or 1974?


Stage photo


This was a photograph taken as a publicity for one of the plays Linda was in.  The actor is believed to be Peter O'Shaughanessy.

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